Bassim Haidar

Founder & group CEO of GMT Group, Chairman & CEO of the Channel IT Group

Bassim Haidar started his business at age of 20, determined to restore the fortune, which his family lost. A Lebanese national, he was born in Nigeria and lived there for the first ten years of his life. In 1991, he co-founded his first company: Intercomm Ltd. specializing in telecom equipment and radio links. Haidar grew Intercomm whilst co-founding GMT in 1995. GMT is now the leading integrated procurement, finance & logistics provider in West Africa. In 2003, Bassim founded Channel IT to cater and provide supplies and services to the Telecomm industry in Nigeria. In 2011, Channel IT expanded and prompted the creation of Channel VAS; a company destined to become a leading vendor of Mobile VAS and Mobile Financial Services for emerging markets across the globe.

Today Haidar has over 20 years experience in various sectors of the African market including technology. He has spearheaded ventures in various aspects of the technology and telecommunications industry ranging from hardware and software through to support areas. He also provides oversight leadership to the various business units at Channel IT. Bassim Haidar’s has recently been appointment to Amnesty International’s Global Council.